Purim: Family Fun

Make Your Own Purim Gragger

You will need: Popping corn; pencil; empty juice can (with only 2 holes at the top that were used for pouring; cardboard; scissors; colored felt; household cement; glue.

Put a handful of popping corn into the can through the 2 holes. Trace the base of the can onto the cardboard. Cut the cardboard and trim the circle so it fits snugly onto the side of the can with the holes.

Trace the base onto the large piece of felt and cut each circle so that it is about 1 inch larger all the way around. You’ll need darts in the felt to stretch it over the ends, so cut them every 2 inches to the correct size of the circle. Glue the felt over each end using household cement Wrap the rest of the can with more felt, trim, and glue it to the can.

Decorate the gragger using glue and other colors of felt. Shake and use.

Make Your Own Purim Mask

Wearing masks and costumes is a Purim tradition. Here’s one way to make your own mask.

You will need: Balloon; glue; water; newspaper; paints and paint brush; construction paper; aluminum foil; glitter; cotton balls; and yarn.

Blow up a balloon so that it is a little larger than the head of whomever will be wearing the mask. In a bowl, combine 1 part glue to about 4 parts warm water and mix thoroughly. Cut strips of newspaper about 1 inch wide and soak them one at a time in the glue mixture and wrap them around the balloon. Cover the balloon completely with two layers of newspaper. Let it dry overnight.

When the balloon is dry, cut it in half lengthwise. Now cut two holes in one of the halves for eyes.  Paint the outer side of the mask and allow it to dry before decoration with paper, paint, or any other materials. Make holes on either side of the mask to attach pieces of yarn for ties around the head.

Make Shalach Manot Bags

To make your own bags for shalach manot, you will need: piece of cloth, 15 x 40 ies; needle and thread; iron; safety pin; 20 inch piece of rope; piece of cardboard 9 ½   5 ½ inches.

Fold down 2 inches of the 15-inch edge of the cloth. Make sure the wrong side is down and iron a crease. Do the same for the other side. Sew a loose hem one inch away from the edge using a back stitch.

Fold the cloth in half lengthwise 15 x 20 inches with wrong-side out. Using back stich again, sew the sides together from the fold to the bottom of the hem you’ve made at the top. Don’t sew the top shut.

The bag you’ve created is inside-out. Turn it to the right side. Attach the safety pin to an end of the rope and work it through the hole created by the seams at the top of the bag. Continue all the way around. Tie the ends of the rope together in a tight knot and pull the rope upward at both openings in the hem.

Before packing the sack with goodies, put the piece of cardboard on the bottom to help it stand better.

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