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Purim: Heroes and Villans

Bigthan and Teresh: Besides Haman, there are two important villains in the Purim story who are sometimes overlooked. They are critical players, because without them, Mordechai could not have risen to prominence and Esther would not have been able to use her influence with King Achasverous to save her people. Their names were Bigthan and […]

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Yom Kippur: Heroes & Villians

Jonah and the Whale On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, while many families are resting at home before coming back to synagogue for the concluding service of Neilah, the Book of Jonah is read. Everyone knows about Jonah and the whale. But the Book of Jonah, says a lot more about Jonah and G-d than […]

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Rosh HaShannah – Heroes & Villains

The stories associated with Jewish holidays are well known. They are the stuff of books and movies. However, they are not all just for children at bedtime. They have lessons for everyone who reads and discusses them. The purpose of this section is to mention the most famous and some not so famous, in the […]

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